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Premium Plant Cuisine 1Ltr

Premium Plant Cuisine 1Ltr

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 Garden Gizmo Premium Plant Cuisine, Includes Free Standard Shipping

  • Specially formulated, balanced and complete nutrients for your Garden Gizmo.
  • Contains all the minerals and trace elements required to feed your plants.

Use nutrients according to conditions. Stronger dilution during periods of active growth. Weaker dilution at other times.

Dilution rates:

Weak: 5ml per litre (or 1 teaspoon). Recommended for seed germination.

Normal: 7.5ml per litre of water (or 1.5 teaspoons)

Strong: 10 ml per litre of water (or 2 teaspoons). Recommended for mature plants

Manufactured in Australia by Growth Technology for Garden Gizmo. GT produce only the highest quality products backed by science.

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