Our Story

Hi, my name is Sarah, and along with my husband, Vinnie, we run Garden Gizmo.

Now, we are not quite green thumbs. Generally, when we plant something, it does well, that is until we have forgotten about it; then the snails, bugs, weeds, no water, chooks or the elements have done their part to destroy what we have grown.

Being foodies at heart our chief joy is eating/creating great tasting meals for ourselves, family and friends. This love of great tasting food had lead to us constantly replanting or buying herbs.

Enter Garden Gizmo...

This clever appliance has made our gardening and cooking lives so much easier. The convenience of having fresh herbs in the kitchen available whenever we want is truly priceless. Our goal for Garden Gizmo is to have everyone in Australia experience this same convenience and joy.

We firmly believe that there is no easier, more versatile system available, anywhere. We developed this indoor garden with the user in mind - you. Plant or sow directly into the grow box, use jiffy pods for germinating and replanting outside or remove the grow box and place any other pot plant under the amazing grow light and watch them flourish.

The beauty of this method of gardening is even with the bare minimum of effort you can still have a decent herb garden in your kitchen. Of course, the more love you put in to your Garden Gizmo the more you will get out of it.

We know you are going to enjoy your Garden Gizmo as much as we do and its beautiful, warm light that brightens every room.

Happy growing!

Sarah and Vinnie.