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Feed Me - 3 Packets of Seeds: Tomato - Gold Nugget, Rocket, Loose Leaf Lettuce

Feed Me - 3 Packets of Seeds: Tomato - Gold Nugget, Rocket, Loose Leaf Lettuce

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Feed Me Seed Pack

Are you looking to put your Garden Gizmo to the test? Ready to start getting serious about growing your own food and becoming more self-sufficient? Then this is the seed pack for you.

This pack contains 3 packets of seeds - perfect for growing hydroponically in your Garden Gizmo (or in pots or in the garden).

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Gold Nugget tomatoes grow abundantly indoors in your Garden Gizmo

Tomato- Gold Nugget

Solanum lycopersicum, 50 seeds 

Determinate bush style tomato. Small compact plants ideal for containers and small spaces. Producing an abundance of golden yellow cherry style tomatoes in clusters. Tender juicy fruit with a sweet flavour and low acid. Early cropping variety well suited to cooler climates. Perfect for hydroponic gardeners. 

Sowing Depth  : 5mm

Germination     : 7-14 days @ 21 - 27°C

Plant Height     : 65cm

Plant Spacing   : 50cm


Rocket leafy greens hydroponics Garden Gizmo


Eruca sativa, 125 seeds

Large green serrated leaves with a rich peppery flavour. Most commonly used as a salad green but can also be cooked as a leaf vegetable. Leaves are best when they are young and tender. Tolerates cold weather. Also known as Arugula and Roquette.

Great variety for baby leaf and microgreen production. 

BEWARE: This rocket variety can grow to 100cm tall! 

Sowing Depth  : 3mm

Germination     : 7-21 days @ 15 - 20°C

Plant Height     : 100cm

Plant Spacing   : 40cm

Rocket (Eruca sativa) is an annual plant and is also known as Arugula, Roquette or Salad Rocket. 

Leaves are ready to harvest when they are large enough to eat, and can be harvested as needed. Harvest leaves by cutting off the outer ones at the base, leaving some on the plant for future growth. Harvest small leaves regularly to avoid bitter tasting leaves and to encourage new growth. Rocket leaves can be stored short term in a perforated plastic bag in the fridge.

Loose Leaf Lettuce Seeds are a mix of lettuce seeds and are perfect for growing in your Garden Gizmo

Loose Leaf Lettuce

Lactuca sativa, 115 seeds 

Loose leaf lettuce mix with a mixture of red, green and bronze coloured loose leaf lettuce varieties. Popular variety for home gardeners. Easy to grow. Perfect for salads.

Sowing Depth  : 3mm

Germination     : 7-14 days @ 8 - 23°C

Plant Height     : 30cm

Plant Spacing   : 50cm

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