Seed Saving - Chillies

Seed Saving - Chillies

Chillies have some of the easiest seeds to save. As long as you've grown an open pollinated variety (not a hybrid) you can save the seeds for next season.

The really interesting thing about saving your own chilli seeds is that every year your plants will become more adapted to their environment / micro-climate, in your Garden Gizmo or garden, and will therefore produce a better crop year-upon-year, no matter the climate. 

You will also know exactly what has been put onto your plants, so you can have your own truly organic (as long as you have used no chemical treatments), open pollinated seeds, safely stored away. And they have cost you nothing!

Here's how to do it:

​🌶️ Harvest the best chillies in your crop at their ripest.

​🌶️ Cut each chilli in half and remove the seeds, spreading them in a single layer on a piece of paper towel. WARNING - do not touch your eyes after handling chillies!

​🌶️ Leave your seeds in a warm, dry place until they are flat and dry to the touch.

​🌶️ Store seeds in a seed saving envelope or a zip-lock bag. Add a silicone pouch* or teaspoon of rice to absorb any excess moisture.

We like to propagate our chilli seeds inside in a Garden Gizmo as they like to be at a consistent 20°C for germinating.

That's it!

Happy growing!

GG xx

*FREE SILICONE POUCHES: Silicone pouches can often be found in packaged foods to keep them crisp and dry. Give the pouches a gentle wipe if they are greasy and store them for future use.

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